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17. Mckinley Railway – A Quest for Realism – Detailing

Part 17 of this Mckinley Railway Series, we join Tony or as the team at Mckinley call him ‘Dirty Tony’ (all will be explained in the video!) for a look at how he works his weathering magic to the locos & rolling stock. As well as a piece about loco re-numbering.

Here’s the video…



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  1. justin evans

    very interesting video

  2. Trainmadjay


    Great video and very useful.
    I’ve never dared to attempt weathering but watching the video I will attempt some bogie dry brush weathering.
    Also I have question regarding the buffer beam detailing….
    What materials are used for the pipes ie vacuum pipes and air brake pipes?
    I have used off the shelf detailing kits or the ones supplied with locks.They look ok once painted but are some what bulky and a little over size…

    I will take up membership as it will come handy.

    Thanks again and if any one cas advise e on what materials are used for buffer beam detailing for diesels that would be great..

    Regards Jay

    • Iain

      Some folk use guitar strings for the pipework, though buffer beam detailing kits from the smaller detail parts manufacturers can be found via an online search. Worth contacting the Mckinley team directly who i’m sure will be happy to assist. Whilst I think on, there is a North American company who does some magnetic ones which i think comes under the name of Magnalock.

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