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A Look At – Building The LX050-OO Laser Cut Catenary Kits (Part Four – Fitting The Masts)

A Look At – Building The LX050-OO Laser Cut Catenary Kits (Part Four – Fitting The Masts)

Building The LX050-OO Catenary Kits -Part 4

(Fitting The Masts)

In the fourth part of the catenary series in which we are looking at the LX050-OO catenary Laser Cut range of kits. We fit the masts to the head spans So to recap on the previous article for those who may not of seen it:

The Scale Model Scenery catenary range of kits have been designed so can they can be mixed & matched. The range contains a ladder style mast, lattice style mast, lattice head span, castellated head span. Also included is head span expansion packs for both the castellated & lattice head spans. So the range will span any thing from a single, double, triple, quadruple tracks upwards.

All packs will build 10 pairs of masts or 10 double track headspans, or for the extension packs to span more than 2 tracks, they will do up to 20 triple track or 10 four track spans. Register arms, wirings & pulleys are not included with this kit (stay tuned for our tutorial fashioning your own!)

Each kit Contains: One  or more sheets of Laser Cut Kit parts & instruction sheet. Designed for OO/HO scaled layouts.

In the next article after this one we’ll look at one way of fitting the hangers & registration arms to take the wires.

Fitting the masts

With the head span turned up side down apply Roket card glue to the flat section on the end of the head span as shown. You’ll also need to run a bead of glue along the ends of the girder & on the ends of the angled braces, also shown on the right.


Place the mast end (the end with out the base on) on to the area you’ve glued. The side of the masts with the engraved over lay must face towards the track.

Hold mast square & at 90 degree angle to the head span.

Apply another bead of glue along the two outside edges & inside edges of the head span where it butts against the mast.

For good measure add an extra blob of glue where the angled braces sit on the mast.


That’s it the gantry’s are now assembled. Now paint with a suitable grey or galvanized colour & perhaps add some weathering & signage to suit.


For the hangers you can either scratch build them as Steve Wright has done on the four track OHLE gantry on the right or adapt a OHLE mast into a hanger type seen on the lower right.

We’ll look into this in the next article.

Happy modelling.


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