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A Look At – Painting The LX175-OO 40ft Twin Container Kit

A Look At – Painting The LX175-OO 40ft Twin Container Kit

A Look At – Painting The LX175-OO 40ft Twin Container Kit

In this ongoing series, we’ll take a look at one of the newly released kits. This one is from the new container range of kits for 1:76 / OO scale. The kit can be found here:

N gauge versions are also now available of this kit. The kit pack in question features two 40ft containers. Painting the kit can be done in various ways, we’ll take a look at using the aerosol paint can method.

Paint in a well-ventilated area, & wearing one of those respirators masks or similar is recommended to prevent breathing in paint fumes.


Let’s get started…

Make sure the kit is free from any loose debris bits etc. Follow the instructions on the aerosol paint can as regards time need to shake the can prior t painting. Another tip was given to me with regards the aerosol paint can, is to place the can into a bowl of warm water for a few minutes prior to spraying.

Paints you’ll need are a primer, & acrylic paint colour of your choice. Silver or grey acrylic paint for the door handles & locking bars.

For the primer paint, Justin recommends buying from the likes of the shop called the Range. The Range do reasonably priced paints idea for modelling projects such as this.

Start with the Primer paint coat. Shake can well prior to spraying. Time given for shaking the can to mix the paint up will be given on the instructions on the can. Generally 2 to 5 minutes as a rule of thumb.
Hold the can around six to twelve inches ( or as directed on the instructions on the can ) from the container. Make several passes with the can as you spray paint. Try not to hold the can too long in one place as you spray paint. Work your way around the container.

Allow paint to dry as per paint drying instructions on the can. Once dry check for any imperfections, lightly sand back any imperfections & once clean repaint the sanded areas. Allow adequate drying time before moving on to the next stage.

The colour I’m going for is yellow, & is a fast drying double acrylic paint. Again leave in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes to warm the paint up. Shake the can for a period of time, as per the instructions on the can.
Several passes with the spray can. Try not hold the can in the same spot, aim for an even coating across the container. Check for any imperfections, lightly sand back any imperfections. Following the instructions for drying time between coats on the can, add a second coating of paint. Allow time for the paint to fully dry before handling.
Using a small brush, paint the locking bars & handles in silver or grey. Take it steady with the paintbrush whilst painting the locking bars.

A tip during construction of the containers is to paint the four locking bars, & fit these after the container has been painting.

You can finish off by adding a matt or gloss varnish coat over the container.

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