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A Look At – The AX080-OO & AX081-OO Police & Construction Warning Tape

A Look At – The AX080-OO & AX081-OO Police & Construction Warning Tape

A Look At – The AX080-OO & AX081-OO Police & Construction Warning Tape

In this ongoing series, we’ll take a look at two newly released items. These two are from the new pre-printed laser-cut signage range of kits for 1:76 / OO scale. Both items can be found here:


Two recently released requested items by Justin Noble, are two detail scenic items. The first one AX080-OO red/white warning tape. The second is AX081-oo Police tape.

Each strip measures 124mm and is printed double-sided onto top quality, white, tear-proof polyester film, so these are really durable. Only the minimal cutting to release them from the nodes that hold them on to the sheet is needed. Each sheet contains 60 long strips of tape (124mm long).

Cut to length & simple glue into place to suit your scene. Tape can also be held in place temporarily using Deluxe Materials Taxy Wax.

To release the tape strips from the sheet you’ll need a sharp craft knife & a cutting mat.

Carefully cut through the tape, to release from the sheet as shown on the right. Each tape strip is held on by seven nodes on each side. Cut inline with the tape sides whilst cutting through the nodes.

The police tape is printed on both sides. One side has the ‘Police Do Not Cross’ printed on it, the other just has blue & white stripes.

The AX080-OO warning tape is held in place just the same as the police tape, with seven nodes on each side of the tape. To remove cut through the nodes same as the police tape. AX080-OO red/white warning tape also comes with 60 pieces each 124mm long.

These like the police tape can be glued into place or held in place with Taxy Wax.

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  1. DordonWagonWorks

    Those look great. I presume they are modern image. Was there anything similar in the ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ era?

    • Iain

      That’s a good point. Something we’ll look into.

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