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Alderney Railway Trackside 2016 Mannez Quarry to Braye Road

Now for the next video, we head south to what must be the UK’s most southerly railway….in the channel islands on the island of Alderney!! We view the line from the Lineside & follow the train as it travels from the original Mannez Quarry terminus, down to its trunked current terminus at Braye Road. The line originally continued to the inner harbour and along the top of the three quarter mile breakwater. The train consists of a 1949 built Vulcan Boundary ‘Drewey’ shunter ‘Elizabeth’, which is powered by a 6-cylinder, 135 hp Gardiner diesel engine. The coaches are a pair of Ex-London Transport, Northern Line, Driving Control Trailers of 1959 vintage. Certainly would make for an interesting model railway layout.

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  1. DerekWebb

    Terrific! I lived in Jersey for a year and visited Alderney many times but didn’t even know the railway existed!

    • Iain

      I only found out about this railway last year. One to go the to-do list.

    • Stuart

      Hello Justin
      Just to let you know that I live on Alderney and was possibly acting as Guard on you video showing our railway. I have a large OO gauge layout (27x10ft) at my home which is only part completed as I am also resurrecting Alderney’s miniature railway which is also based in Mannez Quarry. This miniature railway has been closed for about 10 years and it needs about 2500 new sleepers on it’s 400m track. I hope to complete it’s refurbishment next year.

      Thank you for all the info on your site which I read every week.

      Stuart Heap

      • Iain

        Hi Stuart,
        Excellenty 🙂 Certainly looks a very interesting railway & one day I hope to visit. Hope all goes well with the refurb work on the miniature railway.



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