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Another super engineering feat in China shocks the world

In this video from Machine Eye, we take a look at another amazing railway structure in China. China as many of you know is pushing ahead with their new high-speed railway lines which are resulting in some serious modern engineering marvels. The viaduct is seen under construction in this video is one of the longest modern ones we’ve come across in a while. Some amazing machines & equipment are seen at work constructing this huge viaduct, something that would make for a great piece of modelling.

Have you been over to China & travelled on any of their new highspeed railway networks? Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s the video…



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  1. PantoPete


    Yes I was in China last September , travelled all over on the high speed trains and they were fantastic. Speeds up to 200mph. The infrastructure of all the lines was hugely impressive. I also went on the MagLev in Shanghai to the airport at an incredible 430kph/270mph. Halfway through the short journey the return train passes you at a closing speed of over 500 mph. That doesn’t half wake you up.
    PS I’ve got lots of photos and videos of the chinese trains if you’re interested.

    • Iain

      Yes please, if can post your photos up here in the club that’ll be brilliant. Thank you.

  2. Daveharris

    Puts the problems over HS2 into perspective!

    • Iain

      Most deff, very impressive piece of engineering.

  3. Steven Potter

    What an Eyesore , glad it isn’t near me .

  4. PantoPete


    Here are some of the pictures from China

    • PantoPete

      I loaded 5 new photos and only the old one came out. I’ll try again

      • Iain

        If you can do a copy of the photos & reduce the copied photos file size down 200mb they should upload okay.

    • Iain

      Wow!! Impressive stuff 🙂

  5. PantoPete


    Hi-speed train

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