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Bachmann 32-026 Class 20 124 BR Blue

Bachmann 32-026 Class 20 124 BR Blue
The Bachmann class 20 model first entered the market back in 2004, & at the time of writing this article (mid 2017) around 45 models of the 20  have been released by Bachmann. Bachmann have made some improvements to the model over the first initial releases. These improvements Bachmann brought to market around the years 2005 – 2006. Also of note that in 2006 a version with cab side mounted tablet catcher / recesses was produced.

The model in question for this article was one of the first releases of Class 20 by Bachmann, it was released during the year 2004 under catalogue number 32-026 in BR blue livery. At the time it was criticised for not quite having the correct shape, which lead to Bachmann retooling & correcting the shape of the model & adding further improvements.

Model Features

The model comes as DCC ready with a analogue blanking plate fitted for use on traditional controlled layouts. I’ve fitted a 21 pin decoder by Gaugemaster (available (also to order) from our online shop). Bachmann’s usual 5 pole can motor with brass flywheels connected via drive shafts to both bogies. Thus all wheels are driven & have all wheel power pick ups fitted as standard.

The model also features fine profile wheels, well detailed bogies with sander pipes, NEM coupling boxes, re-moveable small tension lock couplers, wire handrails & hand grabs, brass etch roof fan grill, flush fitted windscreens, split opening side windows. The roof fan is non powered but does actually rotate if blown upon! The cab also features interior detail, but lacks a driver figure. It’s fairly easy to gain access into the cab, so in our case we’ve fitted a driver figure. Again if you fancy adding a driver figure we have driver figure packs in our online store. The model also features fine printed details such as the overhead warning flashes, loco data panel etc. Model also has sprung buffers fitted as standard. Our model also features headcode boxes with domino blanking plates.

The only thing Bachmann haven’t done to this model is to fit working lights, which is a real shame. There are various companies out there that will retro fit lighting in these models, which is worth doing as improves the model no end. At the time of writing Bachmann are bringing out an all new tooled model of one of the sub classes that will have lighting.

Bachmann provide in the box a bag with extra detail parts for fitting, these we’ve fitted on our model you see here.

The model in the years that we’ve had this since new, has proven to be a good smooth reliable runner with good haulage capabilities. At some point we’ll be taking a look at adding sound to this model, which we’ll show you how when we do convert it to sound.

Bachmann Class 20 Gallery

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