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Bachmann 32-462 Class 170 Turbostar DMU ‘ONE’ Livery

Bachmann 32-462 Class 170 Turbostar DMU ‘ONE’ LiveryScore 78%Score 78%
The Turbostar model was first released back in 2001 with many liveries produced over the years. Two & three car units being offered over the years. The featured in this article was released in 2009 & carries the now obsolete Angila ‘One’ livery. Cat box number is 32-464 with the three-car unit carrying the fleet number 170202.

The model has working head/tail lights but sadly isn’t DCC ready so any DCC decoders will have to be hardwired into the model. The model has a five pole motor with twin flywheels, all wheel drive & all wheel power pickups. Couplings are the small removable euro lock & loop type with NEM pockets. The motor is located in the centre car with the driving trailers being non-driven. The driving cars have power pickups for the head & tail lighting.

Other features include finely detailed parts, brass etched grills,  flush ribbon glazing, windscreen wipers, under chassis details, interior details, fine profile wheels.  Separate fans are located under some of the roof vent grills. A heavy diecast chassis helps to give good traction so no traction tires are needed.

The model is still good for its age but due for an upgrade shortly by Bachmann.


Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor
  • All-wheel power pickups
  • NEM pockets
  • Fine-scale wheel profile
  • Chemically blackened wheels
  • Fully detailed interior
  • Working head / tail / cab  lighting
  • Pristine version

Manufacturers Part Nos:



Model released in this livery


Many thanks to Mr J. Anetts for providing the model for this article.
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Summary Good performance & choice of liveries. No end couplers or DCC socket. Model due for retooling upgrade release by Bachmann.

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