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Bachmann 39-778 Inspection Saloon (EWS Livery)

Bachmann 39-778 Inspection Saloon (EWS Livery)Score 90%Score 90%

Bachmann – 39-778 Inspection Saloon EWS Livery

Bachmann released this OO Gauge model around 2014-15. Using research from the N-gauge version by Graham Farish for the N gauge society commission model, which was released two years earlier. This OO version is based on the later version of the inspection saloon, the N gauge version is based on the earlier version inspection saloon. The earlier version had two toilets whilst the later version only has one toilet & an enlarged saloon at the number two end of this coach.

The interior features two saloons complete with tables & chairs, a kitchen & a toilet compartment. All glazing is clear flush type with the toilet compartment featuring white frosted glazing as per the real thing. The model has a wealth of underframe details which includes many separate parts. On the roof again is well detailed with separately fitted pipe details. On the sides is included various details such as door handles, handrails & folding access steps. The steps are provided for fitting by the modeller.

The coach also comes with NEM coupling boxes with removable small type tension lock couplings. The coach also comes with a bag of separate detail parts for fitting on the bufferbeam & coach ends. To fit these i’d recommend removing the tension lock coupling & NEM socket coupling box, so that nothing fouls the bufferbeam pipework.

Another thing of note is that the model is partly set up for lighting with brass pickups on the bogies, though you’ll need to fit lighting & wires to the pickups. A pity Bachmann didn’t fit the lighting but this would have pushed the price of the model up, as it’s not cheap, to begin with at around the £59 mark!!

Bachmann has released this model in three different liveries, these being EWS, BR blue & grey, BR maroon, LMS maroon.



Key Features:

  • Power pick ups on all wheels for lighting (lighting not fitted)
  • Fine details & parts
  • NEM  small type tension lock couplings
  • Separate  handrails
  • Brass etched parts
  • Fine flush glazed windows
  • Separate detail parts for fitting on the bufferbeam & handrails & steps for the access doors.
  • DCC ready, DCC fitted, DCC Sound onboard
  • Finescale profile wheels

The model featured in this article:










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Summary An essential model for layouts based on 1940 to present day. Sadly Bachmann didn't fit lighting on this model.

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