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Bachmann Bogie Bolster D – OO Scale

Bachmann Bogie Bolster D – OO ScaleScore 80%Score 80%

Bachmann Bogie Bolster D designed for carrying long loads the model comes in various liveries. Time period for this model is 1949 – current with liveries ranging from BR / BR departmental / Loadhaul / EWS / Railfrieght

Separate removable stanchions are included with the model. Models feature NEM pockets & small type tension lock couplers. Some versions come with a removable load.


Key Features:

  • NEM Couplers
  • Small type tension lock couplers
  • Bachmann model released 2008 onwards
  • Liveries: BR / Departmental /Railfreight /Loadhaul /EWS
  • Era: 1949 – current
  • Some versions have removable load
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos: 38-XXX

Bogie Bolster D without load model numbers:

  • 38-150A
  • 38-150
  • 38-151B
  • 38-151
  • 38-151A
  • 38-150Z
  • 38-152
  • 38-152A



Bogie Bolster D wagon with load model numbers

  • 38-158
  • 38-159



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Summary Model covers a wide time frame with good detailing. Removable stanchions & some also include a wagon load. First produced by Bachmann in 2008. Good running model.

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