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Bachmann BRA/BYA Steel Carrier Wagon

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Bachmann BRA/BYA Steel Carrier Wagon

Released by Bachmann from 2002 onwards & welcomed by modern image modellers. The BRA/BYA wagon is a Nissen style hut steel carrier wagon, built by Thrall at York in the 1990’s. The BRA wagons carry flat steel or steel slabs, the BYA wagons carry steel coils, both types built by Thrall at York. They feature a telescopic sliding hood/roof, though on the model the roof is in the fixed closed position. The wagons are used on routes such as Immingham to Wolverhampton, Llanwern to Port Talbot to Dee Marsh.

The wagon is available in EWS & DB Shenker liveries as well as some factory-weathered versions. The model features fine-scale wheels, finely moulded details & separately fitted detailed parts & fine printed details. NEM coupling boxes with small style removable tension lock couplings. The model also comes with Bachmann’s own version of the Kadee style buckeye couplings.

Key Features:

  • Fine scale wheels
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Weathered versions
  • NEM Socket with removable small tension lock couplings & Bachmann own version of Kadee style couplings
  • Era Late 1990’s onwards
  • Liveries: EWS, DB Shenker

36-625 Upwards

37-625 EWS

37-628 Weathered EWS

37-626 Weathered EWS

37-628B Weathered EWS

37-626 EWS

37-628A Weathered EWS

37-627 EWS

37-629 Weathered DB Shenker

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Summary An excellent modern image wagon from Bachmann, superb runner.

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