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Bachmann CEA Covered Hopper Wagon

Bachmann CEA Covered Hopper WagonScore 91%Score 91%

Bachmann CEA Covered Hopper Wagon

Originally released by Bachmann from 2000 onwards which made use of the former Mainline HBA wagon tooling, Bachmann adapted the original tooling to produce the CEA covered hopper wagon. A retooled upgraded version of the CEA covered hopper wagon was released by Bachmann around 2006 onwards. The upgraded version features an upgraded chassis that includes NEM coupling pockets for removable small style tension lock couplings. The model features fine scale profile wheels, detailed variations, removable tension lock NEM couplings (retooled version), fine printed details, metal chassis.

The CEA wagons are a modified HEA hopper wagon with roll back cover. Used on bulk traffic such bulk powders. Another essential modern image freight wagon.

Key Features:

  • Fine scale wheels
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Weathered versions
  • NEM Socket with removable small tension lock couplings (retooled version)
  • Era Mid/Late 1990’s onwards
  • Liveries: EWS, LoadHaul

33-57X Upwards Original Tooled Version

38-02X Upwards Retooled Version

Original Tooled Version

33-575 LoadHaul

33-575A LoadHaul Weathered

33-576 EWS Maroon

33-576B EWS Maroon

33-576A EWS Maroon

33-577 EWS Maroon Weathered


Retooled Version 2006 Onwards

38-021 LoadHaul

38-020A EWS Maroon

38-020 EWS Maroon


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Summary Another modern image wagon from Bachmann, good runner with good level of detail

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