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Bachmann – Locomotion Models Evening Star Twin Pack (Class 66 & 9F)

Bachmann – Locomotion Models Evening Star Twin Pack (Class 66 & 9F)Score 95%Score 95%

Bachmann – Locomotion Models Evening Star Twin Pack (Class 66 & 9F)

Locomotion Models of the National Railway Museum (NRM) based in the annexe museum of the NRM at Shildon, have just released (August 2018) a limited edition twin boxed loco pack. This twin pack features two Bachmann locomotive models. This contains: 9F No:92220 Evening Star in BR green lined livery & GBRf 66 779 Evening Star in BR lined green livery. Both are finished in a gloss finish & come in a wooden foam lined boxed, with the locos being in plastic ice style packing within the box. Included in the presentation box is a limited edition certificate, booklet, service/parts sheet & warranty paperwork.

The class 66 in this pack has also been released as a stand-alone item finished in gloss, cat no: NCiM0047. This was released back in February 2018 & is available also from Locomotion models. We’ve previously looked at GBRf 66 779 Evening Star from Locomotion Models, so we’ll concentrate on 9F Evening Star.

The Evening Star twin presentation box was specially flown in from China for a special event, in which GBRf 66 779 attended. For those who have missed out this special edition twin pack, 9F 92220 Evening Star is also being released in a gloss finish as a stand-alone item around September 2018. Again available from Locomotion Models cat no: NCiM0050

So looking at the 9F it’s finished off in a gloss finish BR lined green livery, though it has been pointed out that the lining on the tender is a little higher than it should be. The tender can be mounted in two positions. One is a wider setting to allow running around the standard set track curves (first hole on the coupling bar), or closer setting (second hole on the coupling bar) to allow running around larger radius curves.

The middle wheelset doesn’t feature flanged wheels, this allows the 9F to negotiate tighter radius curves. The loco features all-wheel pickups (not on the tender) including the front pony wheelset. All ten driving wheels are driven with the middle wheelset being flangeless for running through tighter radius curves. The motor is a 5 pole skew wound type, & the loco comes as DCC ready (8 pin decoder socket). Buffers are all sprung fitted. The couplings are of the smaller tension lock type, fitting into NEM sockets. The cab windows are fully flush glazed, & the cab features various separate details. The model has separate handrails & pipework as well as brass work embellishments. The wheels are fine-scale profile & are chemically blackened. Under the loco, the brake rodding gear is featured on both the loco & tender. The tender also features a water scoop. Other details include fine printed details such as builders plates, nameplates

Included with the model is a bag of extra detail parts for the modeller to fit including brass etched nameplates.



Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor
  • All wheel pick up (class 66) – On 9F pony truck & driving wheels
  • Fine details & parts
  • NEM  small type tension lock couplings
  • Wire handrails
  • Glazed cab windows
  • Metal chassis
  • DCC ready (21 pin class 66) – (8 pin 9F)
  • Limited edition run  with a wooden presentation box – (Both class 66 & 9F available as separate items)

Models featured in this article:

NRM Locomotion Models NCiM Twin Box Set

Features: NCiM0050 9F Evening Star

NCiM0047 66 779 GBRf Evening Star




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