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Bachmann MBA Bogie Box Wagon

Bachmann MBA Bogie Box WagonScore 94%Score 94%

Bachmann MBA Mega Box Wagon

Following on from the MOA wagon is the MBA mega box wagon. Built by Thrall Europe at York in 1998 for EWS, to provide EWS with high volume wagons to replace the older small volume BR built wagons that EWS had inherited from BR. Around 300 of these wagons were built by Thrall Europe. These wagons usually run in sets of five with two types of MBA in each set of five. These being two outer ends MBA’s & three inner MBA’s. The outer MBA’s having buffers & the inner MBA’s having no buffers. Within the sets, they are linked/coupled with buckeye couplings. 

Traffic flows these MBA’s can be seen on include: Coal, Stone, Timber, & Scrap Steel.

The model is suitable for the era 2000 up to the current day time period.  The model is produced to Bachmann’s high standard. It includes the usual NEM coupling boxes with small removable tension lock couplings. Also included in the box is working knuckle style couplings  (Bachmann’s own version similar to Kadee couplings). Fine-scale profile wheelsets, finely detailed bogies & under chassis detail, with various parts in metal material. The livery & printed detail is excellent. Bachmann has paid good attention to detail & build quality. The two types of MBA are modelled by Bachmann, with some factory weathered releases also available.




Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Diecast chassis
  • Metal parts
  • NEM coupling sockets
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Super detailed separate fitted parts.
  • Era 2000’s onwards
  • Factory weathered & pristine
  • Two body types with & without buffers
  • Liveries: EWS/DB

38-240 onwards

  • 38-240 With buffers
  • 38-241 Without buffers
  • 38-242 Without buffers (weathered)
  • 38-242A Without buffers (weathered)
  • 38-243 With buffers (weathered)

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Summary Anther superb modern image wagon from Bachmann. Good attention to detail & quality. Two body types & factory weathered.

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