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Bachmann MK2F DBSO Scotrail / British Railways – OO Scale (38-725DC & 38-726DC)

Bachmann MK2F DBSO Scotrail / British Railways – OO Scale (38-725DC & 38-726DC)Score 95%Score 95%

Released on sale late November 2018, Bachmann’s model of the MK2F DBSO is proving a rapid selling model & one much requested by modern image modellers. The MK2F Driving Brake Second Open coach joins Bachmann’s latest release of it’s all new MK2F coach range.

The model comes supplied as DCC on board (DCC Decoder factory fitted). The model will work on both DCC & traditional controlled layouts. The DCC operated layouts having control over the coach lighting functions.

The model has directional controlled head & tail lighting, independent controlled cab interior lighting, guards compartment lighting, passenger compartment lighting. The following functions on DCC control are as follows:

F0 Head/Tail lights

F2 Cab lighting

F3 Guards compartment lighting

F4 Passenger compartment lighting

(There is no F1 function as this is used for DCC sound on locos – though you could remap the functions on the decoder if you know how).

The model features flush glazing, detailed interior including drivers control desk, fine mesh in the guards compartment, Finescale profile wheelsets. Other nice touches include the no smoking stickers on the windows, and correctly coloured interior seating. Other things to note are: NEM coupling sockets, bag of detailed extra parts for fitting by the modeller, front plough deflector plate, optional supplied close coupling. A removable gangway cover is also included.

Two versions have been released so far, Scotrail & BR blue grey. The model comes supplied with a detailed instruction sheet on where to fit the extra detail parts as well as info about the DCC controlled lighting.

Not cheap at nearly £80 but shop around should find discounts taking the model to around £67 – £69 price mark. In testing on my own layout this runs very well when being propelled. Idea coaches to run this with are MK2F, Mk2E, Mk2D’s, with class 47 locos. Rail Express Magazine has a guide booklet magazine out that covers various formations of the Scottish Push Pull trains.



Key Features:


  • Small type tension lock couplers
  • High level of detailing
  • Detachable couplings
  • NEM sockets
  • Close coupling option
  • Liveries: Scotrail, BR Blue / Grey
  • Fine Scale profile wheelsets
  • DCC onboard
  • On board lighting
  • Era: 1970’s – 1990’s
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from 38-7XXDC to 38-7XXDC

  • 38-726DC
  • 38-725DC

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Summary A long awaited much needed modern image release, ideal for any Scottish push pull operations. May be pricey for some modellers on tight budgets.

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