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Bachmann NRM Prototype Deltic

Bachmann NRM Prototype DelticScore 98%Score 98%

Limited Edition Deltic
On the 25 October 2007, the National Railway Museum (NRM) and Bachmann announced the imminent release of a special edition Prototype Deltic model. There were to be two versions of the model:

    • The first 500 models being a special limited edition in commemorative packaging with distinctive extras (such as a display stand & name headboard), that sold for £140.00. (Pictured above)

    • The NRM would subsequently release a further 2500 standard limited edition prototype Deltic models that sold for £95.00.

    • August 2008: The NRM has made another 1000 standard models available for sale at a price of  £110.00. The model came with an enamel badge of Deltic.
    • November 2008: A limited of 300 model of the Deltic Prototype at a price of £215.00 complete with Wooden presentation box, Deltic Pin badge, Pewter Deltic prototype English Electric builders’ plate, Certificate.

    • Summer 2013:DELTIC prototype released in the livery it ran in on the Eastern Region. This scheme depicts the slight variation to the English Electric colour scheme which the locomotive carried when it operated on the East Coast Main Line. Previous issues of this Exclusive NRM Edition have all featured its preserved livery, and this was the first time that the OO scale locomotive in it’s in mainline service’ condition has been available. The model came available in four variants – pristine DCC ready; pristine DCC fitted; pristine DCC fitted with sound, and weathered DCC ready. The latter three options, however, were very limited in availability. The locomotive priced at £125 for the pristine, DCC ready version; £135 for both pristine DCC fitted and weathered DCC ready; and £250 DCC fitted with sound.
    • October 24th / 25th 2015 saw the Deltic celebrate 60 years & thus another release of Deltic, including weathered as well as a twin pack. The twin pack features Deltic & production Deltic 55002 ‘kOYLI’ (Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry).

Key Features:

  • 5-pole can motor
  • Flush glazing
  • Original blue livery & later livery veriations
  • Fine-scale wheel profile
  • Working head & tail lights (The big light on the nose not lit as per the real Deltic)
  • Cabs feature detailed interior
  • DCC ready (21 Pin decoder socket)
  • diecast chassis
  • All-wheel power pickups
  • Limited Edition releases in both pristine & weathered finishes.
  • Limited edition twin box set released (Contains prototype & production Deltic)

Manufacturers Cat no

32-520 (featured in this article) ltd edn run of 500 with special box & display stand

32-520 sp edn run of 2500 in standard Bachmann box

32-520A ltd edn run weathered edition

32-520NRM Eastern Region blue sp edn DCC ready

32-520NRM Eastern Region blue sp edn DCC fitted

32-520NRM Eastern Region blue sp edn DCC sound fitted

32-52NRM Easter Region blue weathered edition

32-522nrm Blue sp edn run of 250

32-522NMRA Blue DCC sound fitted lt edn run of 150

32-522NMRDA Blue weathered sp edn run of 100


Models released







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Summary Laser scanned from the real Deltic, Bachmann has done a superb job on this model for the National Railway Museum.

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