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Bachmann OCA/ZDA 31t Open Wagon

Bachmann OCA/ZDA 31t Open WagonScore 92%Score 92%

Bachmann OCA/ZDA 31t Open Wagon

Released on to the market by Bachmann in 2007 onwards, another essential wagon for the modern image modeller. The OCA’s are an all steel version of the OBA wooden sided open wagon. The OCA was a further development of the SPA wagon (Kernow models). The OCA has three drop down side doors and the ZDA version like other engineers wagons, has the railway traditional fish name, thisone being Bass. The OCA/ZDA is a airbraked wagon.

The model has been available in both weathered  & non weathered versions. The model features a diecast chassis, fine printed details, fine scale wheels & under chassis details, small tension lock NEM couplers & NEM coupling pockets. The wagon is suitable for layouts modelled on the 1979 period to the current day. Some of the model press have noted that the body sides are a little on the thicker side than they should be.

Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Small NEM tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling box
  • Era 1979 onwards
  • Weathered versions available
  • Liveries:BR departmental, BR Rail Freight, EWS, BR S&T Satlink
  • Body sides slighty too thick.

38-055 upwards







38-055z (Model Rail Magazine limited edition- Sat Link)

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Summary Any superb model from Barwell. Good runner with good level of detail. The body side is slightly too thick.

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