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Bachmann VAA/VBA Van – OO Scale

Bachmann VAA/VBA Van – OO ScaleScore 90%Score 90%

Bachmann VAA/VBA van released back in 2007 to Bachmann’s Blue Ribbon standard. The VAA/VBA features plain (VBA) & also vented end (VAA) panels. The model also features superb body side & chassis detailing. Model includes finescale wheels, NEM coupling pockets & removable small tension lock couplings.  Liveries offered so far for the VAA version are:

BR Railfreight (red/grey) (Red/brown), BR RTC. Some weathered versions & limited editions have also been released. For the

VBA version, the following liveries have been released:

Loadhaul, EWS, BR including a weathered version.

Another essential modern image era wagon for the late 1960s to early-2000s (noughties). The model press is highly impressed with the weathered, faded editions that have been released by Bachmann so far.

The VAA was one of BR modern long wheelbase air braked vans built at their Ashford works from 1969 onwards. 209 were constructed in the first batch, the design was altered with various modifications on subsequent later builds.  The VBA van did not have end ventilators, but also had different suspension gear which was BR’s long link type suspension. 75 built at Ashford works & another 100 was constructed Shildon works.

Key Features:


  • Small tension lock couplers
  • NEM sockets
  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Various liveries BR, EWS, RTC, Loadhaul
  • Weathered versions available
  • Era: 1969 – the mid-noughties 2000’s
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from 38-120 to 38-126A


  • 38-141
  • 38-145
  • 38-144
  • 38-140X
  • 38-142
  • 33-140K
  • 33-146
  • 33-140Z
  • 33-140Y
  • 38-143A


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Summary Another essential modern image wagon for anyone running their layout from 1969 onwards. Well, detailed, decoration, build quality.

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