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Basic Vehicle Weathering

Basic Vehicle Weathering

This basic guide to vehicle weathering was submitted by Josh Swales in the Railway Modellers Facebook Group, and guides you through some of the basic steps for weathering road vehicles.

As requested, here’s a How To in basic vehicle weathering. When the ones I’ve got on order arrive I’ll do another one on dirtying things up a bit.

What you need:

  • Model vehicle to be weathered.
  • Masking tape/fluid (in this case Humbrol Maskol)
  • Matt varnish
  1. So to start off we have the basic black cab from Oxford diecast. As it arrives it’s in a very high gloss finish. This isn’t too far off the prototype as these vehicles are kept very clean, but its a bit too glossy for my liking.
  1. At this point you need to mask up any glazing. I use Humbrol Maskol but you can use tape or any.masking fluid. (Picture 1)
  1. Once this has dried you can apply the Matt varnish. I used Vallejo acrylic matt varnish through the airbrush, but a spray can of varnish will do. Personally I wouldn’t use a brush as I think the brush marks would be too obvious, but that’s just me. (Picture 2)
  1. At this point I decides things were too flat, so I gave the taxi a coating of Microscale Micro Gloss, again through the airbrush. This got it to a stage of sheen that looked ‘in scale’- if such a thing can be in scale. (Picture 3).
And that’s really all there is too it. Let things dry, remove the masking and there you go. The last picture is just to show what I used (minus the airbrush). All in all this took me 5-10 minutes including drying time.

At this point you could add some figures depending on your scene, I may well do this later on but can’t be faffed drilling out rivets and painting little people tonight!

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