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Blunt knives.

Ever had that experience of cutting delicate curves and thin bits when the knife starts to pull and rip?

End it now by using a diamond wet stone to sharper all your blades.  Works great with both Stanley and any Exacto blade. I can make a Stanley blade last 3 months or more of every day use.

A set of stones will cost about £10 for good ones and last for years. I’ve had mine 12 years now and they are still good.


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  1. PACtrain

    Using 1200 or greater wet n dry paper, as used for sanding car panels during repair, you can re-sharpen a scalpel blade many times. Eventually the blade will lose its shape and then you need to change it. Fix the paper to a flat piece of wood and using like a barber sharpening a razor on a strop. (If you are old enough to remember – many of us are)

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