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Building a Model Railroad Drop Bridge – Part 2

We join Railfan220 for the second of this two part video on building a drop bridge lift out section. This is handy for when space is limited & access is needed into a layout railway room. 

Here’s the video…



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  1. Ant

    HI Iain

    Thank you for this video ! I am a Newby to building a Model Railway and am scared stiff of the electrics that I do them right!! I wonder if you would be able to guide me a little more from the start. I am going DCC. My email address is . I would appreciate your help. Many thanks Anthony

    • Iain

      Morning Anthony, we’ve got a number of articles already up here in the club covering some aspects of electrics & wiring up as well as various videos. We’ll be adding more to the club on this subject matter over time as we go.

      Kind regards


    • MalcT

      Hi Anthony, I’m a newbie as well, building my first layout. I did a great deal of homework trawling the internet and watching YouTube videos before committing to any purchases at all. I’m modelling in OO gauge, recent/modern era and DCC. I purchased the NCE PowerCab system after comparing several controllers. I was also nervous of the electrical side but now feel quite confident at what I’m doing. As Iain says there are videos and tips on aspects of wiring on the site.
      Good luck with your layout


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