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Cheap lighting for buildings

Cheap lighting for buildings

Need lighting for your buildings but don’t want to spend a fortune? well here’s how, I have also included a ‘How to’ to dull the lights and how to colour them down if you want that old steam era yellow look

1, Cheap LED lights from your local Poundland or similar shop, I bought these that take 2x AA batteries, cheap acrylics (yellow Ochre), the finest wet & dry paper you can find and a cheap old brush

2, give the plastic on the LED’s a rub with the wet & dry paper, this will take the brightness off them if you don’t like the really bright look, this also gives the Acrylic paint something to adhere to, you can see the difference in the picture

Next, water down some acrylic paint a little, here I used yellow ochre, and give the clear plastic on the LED a quick coat

The key here is to let each coat of paint dry adding more coats until you get the desired effect

As you can see, its already dulled the light down and starting to give a nice warm yellow glow, because LED’s run cool there shouldn’t be any problems with the paint peeling off, it may fade in time but will have to wait and see

A quick test and they look good, a few more coats of paint maybe to take the brightness off a little more but overall I’m happy with the result

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Rob Harrison

Hi all, Im Rob and I live in the Isle of Man, Im married and have 4 children, 2 boys 7yrs & 4 months and 2 girls 8yrs & 5yrs. I've recently decided to start N gauge modeling again this year after now finding out I have Osteoarthritis in my right hip so that put paid to my days playing Airsoft (similar to Paintball but more combat simulation orientated using BB guns, yes it does bloody hurt! lol) but still do a bit of WW2 re-enactment now and again. The last time I built in N gauge was 25 years ago! And was very surprised how much things have changed! Especially the advent of DCC! Although Im sticking to DC as Im happy with that and prefer a more hands on operation instead of just pushing buttons on a key pad and with 30+ locos it would cost a fortune to implement! lol I decided to start with a small shunting layout around 4' x 15" but then decided after buying more stock that the shed would be a better option, so I insulated the shed 7' x 7', and set about sorting boards for a layout, then my wife decided we should have a clear out of junk from the attic and you can guess what i thought! so with her permission, lol, Im now in the middle of relocating to the Attic! will be a long slog to get it sorted ready but as I have no timescale theres no rush. In the mean time I've been building up kits ready and have now decided to resurrect my little shunting layout with a few changes possibly, as I still have the board, this will be a module to fit onto my main layout and can also be a stand alone set up, will keep you all posted when i start! Regards Rob

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Great advice and tips and being able to incorporate/use items from Poundland/Dollarama is a fantastic way of helping to keep the costs down. Will be sure to try these out.

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