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Chinese Trains

Chinese Trains

In response to Iain’s request here are some of the photos I took in China. They’re mostly the high speed train including one which shows what happens to a bird when it hits a 200mph train! Plus a couple of commuter trains and some infrastructure.

There are some small vids as well but I don’t know how to post them.

I will post a separate bit on the Shanghai MagLev.

It won’t let me load the photos as they’re too big

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Recently retired to the south coast where I'm building a large, fictitious layout called Bartlesham in my garage. It is modern, industrial with an intermodal container depot at one end, a cement works in the middle and a chalk quarry at the other end.


  1. Iain

    Hi Pete,
    that looks an impressive train. Thank you for sharing 🙂 The max size for photos that can be uploaded is 200MB. If some photos are larger they may get rejected by the system.



  2. PantoPete


    I’ll try loading them individually. This is a distant view

    • Iain

      Very sleek looking train.

  3. PantoPete


    On the move with evidence of bird strike on the nose

    • Iain

      Good reference photo 🙂

  4. PantoPete


    It seems I can load bigger photo files as a comment than I can in an article.
    This is a picture of the special track

  5. PantoPete


    Also as a curiosity in the Shanghai MagLev museum they had quite a good model of the system if anybody fancies replicating it.

    • Iain

      I seem to recall a German or Japanese model company produced a model maglev system. Certainly would make for a different model.

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