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Converting a Bachmann Class 170 (2 car) Turbostar to DCC

The Bachmann class 170 Turbostar has been around for many years now. The model isn’t DCC ready (factory fitted with a DCC socket for a decoder) so how do you convert one of these models over to DCC? In this case the two car model needs to be hardwired to DCC, so for this next video we’ll take a look at converting a Bachmann two car class 170 DMU Turbostar over to DCC. Our very own Iain has teamed up with his good friend & wiring guru KB to show how it’s done.

If you fancy at having a go your self you’ll need two decoders for a two car Turbostar & three decoders for a three car Turbostar. However if you through wire the lights to the DCC decoder on the motor then you’ll only need one decoder. The decoders used in this conversion can be found here:
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