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Craft knife and blades

I need some help please with what is the best craft knife to buy for standard modelling 1 and 2mm board etc I’ve brought some cheap ones but the blades are forever dropping out I’ve looked on eBay and Amazon all look much the same except I want to buy extra blades in pack of 100 but I don’t know which blades fits which knife very confusing are they all a standard fit ?

any reference or part number would be appreciated

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  1. Iain

    Morning Caddieman. We sell this craft knife pack with a selection of blades:

    We also do packs of replacement blades which can be found here:

    We use these with in the team here at Scale Model Scenery HQ & find them to be very good. Hope this helps.


  2. Steven_Potter

    Best Advice I can give is try looking on the Swan-Morton web site as they list all scalpel handles and appropriate blades for each then see if you can buy them cheaper on E Bay or at Amazon , I bought mine from both as they do bulk purchase for blades and while your at it treat yourself to their Blade remover they are only a couple of pounds . Cheers

  3. Weeblexx123

    Agree with Iain and Steven as I use both. Greyboard/modelling board seems excellent at blunting blades 🙂 No 11 scalpel blades are excellent

  4. PantoPete

    It may be interesting to note that you can sharpen craft knife blades. I think I saw this on one of the videos (maybe a Kathy Millet). If you have a whetstone you could give it a try. A quick strop between each 2 or 3 cardboard passes. 🙂

    • Iain

      Would certainly help make the blades last longer as you say.

      • jdclegg

        Given the price of replacement blades, I think resharpening is a false economy. Buy your blades in 100 packs to get good value.

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