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Custom Made Layouts by The Little Layout Company

Custom Made Layouts by The Little Layout Company

The Little Layout Company

For this article we take a look at ‘The Little Layout Company’. The Little Layout Company is owned & run by our good friends Neil & Lacey Mason. They provide a complete layout design & build service which include: Design and build any size layout to suit the customers needs and space they have available. So every thing from just baseboards, to track and wiring, or even a simple layout for you to add your own personal touches. If you’ve dreamed of having a complete exhibition standard layout they will build you it.

They will even come to you to build your fixed resident layout, or even help give your layout a new look with custom bespoke scratch built buildings.

Neil’s layouts have been featured in various model magazines the likes of Model Rail, BRM. One of my personal favorites of Neils layouts is ‘Masons Lane’. You can see more of their layouts here:

On many of their projects you may see our own range of kits appear. Neil & Lacey have put the kits to great use with a mix of scratch built items as well as other off the shelf items. The amount of details that Neil & Lacey fit in on a small layout is fantastic. It’s well worth spending some time carefully studying their layouts to spot all the little details. More details on the Little Layout Company can be found here:

A list of some of The Little Layout Company layouts are as follows:

  • Thornley TMD
  • Blue Gowt Junction
  • Eddington Yard
  • Cannon Dale
  • Georgetown
  • Werrington Yard
  • Deeping Lane
  • Millwood
  • Masons Lane
  • Normanton





Neil’s personal favourite type of layouts are diesel depots & industrial scenes. With his own personal layouts featuring diesel depots allows Neil to show his growing collection of weathered locos to good effect. His favourite era to model is the late 1980’s to 2000. Lacey’s Dad and Neil’s Father-In-Law Alan, is the Baseboard & Trestle Legs Construction Manager. Now all great layouts start with a sturdy baseboard & this is where Alan comes in producing bespoke baseboards to fit your exact space.



New project

As the time of writing one of the projects on the go is this layout which is yet to be named. A TMD three road depot in the making. The layout features two parts these being a scenic section & the other being a fiddle yard storage section. The track work is being hand built. On the right here you can see the newly installed hand built track work.


In this view you can see both sections of the layout with the scenic section to be on the right & the fiddle yard on the right. The track work running from the scenic section on to the fiddle yard will be hidden by some kind of scenic break or view blocker. This could be a strategically placed road bridge or building hiding the entrance to the scenic section for example.


The next phase of this project is the base layers for the concrete hard standing for what will be the main shed area. In the five images below you can see the hard standing base layers installed along side & in between the rails. These will have a top surface covering.



The other thing that Neil has installed on this project is a lighting unit to illuminate the scenic section. Neil has used Copper strips on the inside of the front fascia board. These transfer the power up to the L.E.D lighting strip with no intrusion on the scenic area. In the three images below you can see how Neil has done this.


In the next set of photos below you see a selection of Neil’s weathered locos on the scenic section to give you a taster as to what’s coming. As this project progresses we’ll keep you up to date with each stage of the build.


In the next set of photos below you can see Neil has installed lighting in a loco shed depot building. With the roof off we’re able to see how Neil has installed the lighting inside the building. With the lighting & addition of interior details it makes for an impressive feature on the layout.


In the next gallery below is a selection of some Neil, Lacey & Alan’s work featuring depot scenes. Keep an eye at the model shows for Neil, Lacey & Alan where you’ll be able to see their exhibition layouts Athabasca Yard and Stylson Park as well as a Demo board.


Many thanks to Neil, Lacey & Alan.

Happy modelling.

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