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Dapol IKA Megafret Container Wagon

Dapol IKA Megafret Container WagonScore 92%Score 92%

Dapol IKA Megafret Container Wagon

We now take a look at another one from the blue box company many range of wagons. This time it’s Dapol’s Megafret IKA twin container wagon. The IKA Megafret wagon is another of the modern day answers to restrictive UK loading gauge. This low floor twin container wagon was built in France by Arbel Fauvet & designed to carry the 9ft 6 inches  high containers. First entering into service around 2001 with Freightliner & subsquent batches with EWS (now DB) & DRS. So of these wagons have been adapted to carry road vehicles too.

The model comes as per the real thing as a twin wagon pack. The wagon is an all diecast afair which gives excellent road holding & running. It features fine scale profile smaller wheelsets, NEM coupling sockets with removable small NEM coupling tension locks. A bag of extra detail parts is included along with the fixed center coupling bar which is held in place via a screw on each wagon inner end.

The wagons are available with & without containers which feature either Stobart or Malcolm liveries. These are very popular amongst modern image modellers. 




Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Small NEM tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling box
  • Era early 1990’s onwards
  • Available with & without containers
  • Diecast construction

B909A onwards

4F046001 onwards











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Summary Another superb modern image container wagon. an excellent runner with plenty of detail with & without containers

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