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Dapol Six Wheel Milk Tank Wagon

Dapol Six Wheel Milk Tank WagonScore 78%Score 78%

Dapol retooled their six-wheeled milk tanker in 2005 to replace the ex-Wren tooling of the six-wheel milk tank wagon. The Wren tooling that Dapol acquired, was used by Dapol from 1993 to 2005. The Wren tooling of this wagon dates back to 1962 with Hornby Dublo, in which Wren bought the tooling & produced several versions.

The range of liveries & models produced using the 2005 tooling is huge. With pristine, weathered versions, private owner liveries, railway company liveries as well as limited editions. Also, an unfinished grey version has been produced. Over 186 different versions of this model have been released to date!

Key Features:


  • Huge choice of liveries
  • 6 wheel milk tanker
  • NEM Sockets
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Different tank style body options
  • Liveries: Railway liveries, private owner liveries, unpainted version too
  • Weathered & pristine finishes
  • Era: 1920’s – 1960’s
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos: A021 (Un-painted version)

Standard catalogue run number usually features Bxxx or 4Fxxxxxx

Special edition catalouge run numbers usually feature SxxxxP or SxxxxW


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Summary Huge range of variations, liveries to choose from including weathered versions & limited editions, Features NEM sockets & fine scale wheels & some fine details.

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