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Dapol YCY Turbot Open Wagon

Dapol YCY Turbot Open WagonScore 98%Score 98%

Dapol YCV Turbot Wagon

Another recently released BR engineers wagon to  & hit the UK OO scale market is the YCV Turbot bogie ballast wagon. The model features a wealth of detailed parts, fine printed lettering excellent livery application. The model features fine scale profile wheels, NEM coupling boxes with removabe small style tension lock couplings. The bogies are well executed & finely detailed. Also included in the box with the wagon is bufferbeam pipework for fitting by the modeller.

The Turbots were developed from the earlier Bogie Bolster E wagons which dated back to the 1960’s. These where built originally to carry steel but proved to be too short. By adding side doors & end panels these wagons became much more usefull for carrying the likes of ballast and the like. Shildon & also RFS engineering in Doncaster built over 1000 between 1982 & 1988. The Turbot’s lasted in use to early – mid 2000’s with some converted for use on the London Underground network.

Kernow models also commisioned a run of the Turbot wagons. 

Key Features:

  • Super detail chassis
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine-scale wheels
  • NEM  small type tension lock couplings 
  • BR engineers & EWS liveries
  • Fine printed details
  • Era 1980’s onwards
  • Some factory weathered versions also available
  • Also available in multipacks



Kernow Models











Kernow Models

SB006Y DUTCH YCV Pristine Turbot Pack of 2

SB006Z DUTCH YCV Weathered Turbot Pack of 4

SB006 EWS YCV Turbot Pack of 4

SB006I YCV Turbot DB978021

 SB006J YCV Turbot DB978051

SB006K YCV Turbot DB978066

SB006L YCV Turbot DB978002

SB006M YCV Turbot DB978002

SB006N YCV Turbot DB978002

SB006E YCV Turbot DB978105

SB006F YCV Turbot DB978354

SB006G YCV Turbot DB978356

SB006H YCV Turbot DB978488







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Summary Superb super detail wagon with fine details as well as excellent running. Weathered versions & multi-packs are available from Kernow Models. Highly recommend.

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