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DCC Sound – Fitting A Bass Reflex Speaker

If you’re venturing into the world of adding DCC sound to your layout, the question of sound quality may come up at some point. It’s something that concerns me a little as I’m about to fit a Hornby TTS chip into my Class 31 when it returns from being weathered. I’ve heard a lot of locos at exhibitions, and the sound is often very tinny and lacking in any sort of bass.

Fear not! By fitting a bass-reflex speaker you can get a much more realistic sound from your locos, and in this video, Chadwick TMD shows us how. Click the Play icon on the video above to see how it’s done. His loco of choice is the Hornby Class 50.

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  1. Ashvale

    I’ve just sold my bass reflex fitted Hoover on the fleabay – gonna have to fit the other one now which I’m keeping! Very good video!


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