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Detail Upgrade For Dapol Class 68 Diesel Locomotive

Detail Upgrade For Dapol Class 68 Diesel Locomotive
With Dapol releasing the second batch of Class 68 Diesel models, Dapol have done some changes like fit brake discs etc. Shawplan have released a detailed etched brake disc pack.

Listed under Shawplan’s Extreme Etches range the brake disc pack includes eight brake discs, enough for one locomotive. Priced around the £7.50 to £8 mark per pack. Part number is EEDP6801

Fitting of these etches is very simple with needing some super glue like Loctite 60 Second Super Glue, a cocktail stick. Also worth having a small single flat blade screwdriver to release the bogie bottom plate, thus allowing the wheelsets to be removed & fitting of the discs easier.

In the video below you can see how to go about fitting this etched detailed part.

It’ll take around no longer than 10 minutes to fit the pack to the model, & really makes the model stand out.


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