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Easy Point Position Indicator

Easy Point Position Indicator
This modification can be used to switch indicator lights on and off on a mimic panel to indicate which way a set of points is set, or it could be used to operate an accessory on a DC / Analogue layout.

How it’s done

This points indicator uses a small two-way switch attached to the base of a Peco points motor.

  • Step 1. Cut the point operating rod flush with the motor base. (on the side NOT changing the points)
  • Step 2. Drill a hole of the same diameter as the rod in the switch. Not too deep or you may destroy the electrical bits.
  • Step 3. Check the switching action is OK then attach switch with small plastic ties.

This modification puts a bit more strain on the motor, but my point works OK as I have a slightly higher power supply. A system using a CDU unit would probably be OK.

The switch came from Maplins, but are available from advertisers in the modelling publications, or the well-known on-line auction site.

(This mod came about as I had a double slip which developed a problem in not latching one way. I didn’t fancy replacing it as it would be major surgery on my layout. I used the switch purely as a latch but the idea of using it as an indicator came later)

Article Submitted by Club Member Tony Mercer

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  1. RammixIOM

    this is a genius idea! will be trying this modification when using insulfrog points , they can be wired then to throw the polarity making a better contact instead of relying on the point blades!

  2. DordonWagonWorks

    Electrics in general and points i particular are a bugbear of mine, so I’m very interested to read this.

  3. PACtrain

    Your idea is excellent – it could also be used for LEDs used on the mimic board to indicate route. I use Gaugemaster BPDCC80 DCC Autofrog on my layouts. Why you may ask – they are something you can fit and forget. Also even if the point is set against the locomotive you won’t get a short – BUT – the locomotive may derail.

  4. ClaytonCanuk

    Really enjoyed your article, very helpful and informative.

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