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Fitting Loco Brass Etched NamePlates

Fitting Loco Brass Etched NamePlates



In this article, we’ll take a look at fitting brass etched nameplates to a model. On a lot of models, these days come supplied with Brass etched nameplate packs for fitting by the modeller. Brass etched nameplates can also be sourced from the likes of Shawplan as well as various other aftermarket detailing companies. Well worth a look at what these companies offer for upgrading & improving locos & rolling stock.

So what tools do you need to fit these supplied brass etched nameplates? I usually use the following tools & glue:


  • A sharp pair of cutters or scissors.
  • Tweezers.
  • A blob of Blu-Tak.
  • A small file.
  • Peco loco cradle – or something soft to lay the loco on.
  • Bostick All Purpose Clear Gel Glue.
  • Small flat blade screwdriver – to apply & spread the glue.


In the gallery below you can see the tools, brass etched nameplate pack, & the real class 47 that the model is off.

Let’s get started…

First using a sharp pair of cutters, cut the nameplates free from the etched parts sheet. Cut across the holding pip as close to the edge of the nameplate as possible.

You may get some of the holding pip still visible after cutting the nameplate free, as shown on the right.
Use a small file to carefully file flush the remains of the pip on the edge of the nameplate, as shown right.
In the photo on the right, the lower nameplate has had the end pips filed flush, whilst the top nameplate still this a little more filing off.
Now turn the nameplate over & carefully use the file to key the rear of the nameplate as shown on the right.
Turn the nameplate over again & stick a small blob of Blue-Tak on the end of a pair of tweezers. Then press the Blu-Tak against the nameplate to pick it up.
Apply a small amount of Bostik All Purpose Glue on to a small flat blade screwdriver.
Now using the screwdriver blade, apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the nameplate. Try to use the minimum amount of glue to prevent any overspill.
Now carefully line up the nameplate with the printed one on the model, & slowly position the nameplate on to the printed one. Make sure you take your time at this stage. The glue will give enough time to make any adjustments to the final positioning of the nameplate.

Another tip here is to place a strip of low tack masking tape along the baseline position for the nameplate, this will act as a helpful guide in fitting the nameplate square.

Any excess overspill of glue that might appear along the edge of the nameplate, can be peeled or picked away using a pair of tweezers. Take care not to scratch the body whilst doing this.
It’s worth pressing on the nameplate for a few mins whilst the glue starts to set. Be careful not to move the nameplate whilst doing this. Now turn the loco over & repeat fitting the second nameplate.

That’s it job’s a good un!!


Happy Modelling.

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