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Flangeway – Snowplough – IS5-LN (OO/1:76 Scale)

Flangeway – Snowplough – IS5-LN (OO/1:76 Scale)Score 88%Score 88%

Flangeway ZZA Snowplough

BR independent snow Tops Code ZZA first released by Flangeway Models back around 2008 onwards. The snowploughs have been released in various liveries in short limited edition batch runs, around 300 per livery. The one featured in this article dates back to the first batch of released snowploughs by Flangeway, catalogue number IS5-LN in the Inverness Highland Rail  livery. The snowplough is in a black livery with grey on the front ramp slope area including warning yellow chevrons on the nose. On the rear section of the plough it carries a small yellow warning panel. It carries the British Railways Highland Stag Logo with the lettering Inverness & fleet number: ADB965203.

Included as an extra for fitting by the modeller is a roof mounted icicle breaker. The model has lamp brackets on the front, but no work lamps are included. The rear of the model has one flushed window as well as a NEM coupling socket with small type tension lock coupling. The tension lock coupling can be removed.

The wheels are fine scale type mounted on floating axles which copes well with most pointwork & radius curves. Going back to the lighting this article is worth checking out for fitting working lights:

To date around thirteen livery versions which include BR & Railtrack have been released by Flangeway, though sadly now only available on the secondhand market. Much highly sort after, the model can command quite a high price on the second hand market.

Key Features:

  • BR & Railtrack liveries (13 versions)
  • Flush glazing on the rear of the model
  • Fine-scale wheel profile
  • Floating axles
  • Additional Icebreaker roof-mounted bar
  • NEM socket
  • Small Tension lock coupling
  • Separate fitted wire handrails
  • Limited Edition release runs
  • For use on layouts based on the 1970’s onwards
  • OO/1:76 scale

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Summary Limited edition model commisioned by Flangeway Models. Released in small limited edition runs. A good running piece of rolling stock with a good level of decoration but some basic details. Highly sort after. Worth snapping up if you see one!!

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