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Having completed my platforms I looked at the area available around where the station building would sit. Some of this area will be a car park for the station plus several bus stops. There would also be the small industries operating from the arches in the viaduct.

There is still some space available and I decided I would add some retail units to the car park area. I already had a Metcalfe Industrial unit but thought that this was not the ideal building I wanted. So I took the idea of the Metcalfe structure and cut my own from 1mm grey board as two pieces:

I had also found a website where I downloaded various store-fronts which I glued to the front elevation of the building, cutting out and glazing the doorways:

The rest of the walls I clad with Aged Red Brick TX81-00 downloaded from the club site. Then to match the front elevation I clad the upper half of the building with Corrugated Industrial Building Panelling TX119-00 again downloaded from the club website, I also downloaded detail sheet AX114-00 and cut out some air-con units and doors for the retail units:


The roof again is cut from 1mm grey board and clad with the TX119 panelling (just placed on to check size)

Now need to look at adding guttering etc.

I then looked at adding some interior detail:


Before placing on the layout I will be adding some LED lighting inside the buildings.

More to follow..


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Recently retired and building my first model railway in about 50 years. Live on the Lancashire coast with my partner Deb and our three French Bulldogs. Modelling OO gauge / recent/modern image / DCC NCE Powercab / Cobalt Alpha Power / Alpha Box / Alpha Central / Alpha Mimic / PSX-1 Circuit Breaker


  1. Iain

    Nice modelling work there Malcolm. Enjoying the progress of your layout build. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • MalcT

      Thanks Iain, I enjoy building these models and using the download sheets available from the club.

      • Iain

        Thank you, It’s great to see how club members use the download sheets 🙂

  2. PantoPete

    Nice buildings. It’s good to see more modern image stuff 🙂

    • Iain

      Malcolm is doing a great job on this build, enjoying seeing the project progress 🙂

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