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A brief introduction to my layout. I retired at the end of 2018 and with now having the time available I could start on my model railway, the first one since I was a teenager. As we don’t use the garage for the car, the other half agreed that I could convert it and build my layout there. I started with removing the garage door, blocking the opening, clad the outside so it still looks like a door, insulated the interior walls, plasterboarded then emulsioned. The old roof was replaced with industrial style cladding then insulated inside. I installed two 5ft LED battens that I suspended from the ceiling so I can alter the height to get the most effective lighting.

I started by building the framework.

The layout is 4.1mts x 2.1mtrs with a central walkway.

More to follow

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Recently retired and building my first model railway in about 50 years. Live on the Lancashire coast with my partner Deb and our three French Bulldogs. Modelling OO gauge / recent/modern image / DCC NCE Powercab / Cobalt Alpha Power / Alpha Box / Alpha Central / Alpha Mimic / PSX-1 Circuit Breaker


  1. moonshinerunner

    Great start, I like the idea of adjustable height lights, please keep us up to date.

    • MalcT

      Thanks moonshinerunner. The lights are suspended with stainless steel chain link and can be adjusted by putting the spring clip clasp hooks into different links in the chains.

  2. Iain

    Looking good Malcolm 🙂

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