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Free Track Planning Software

Free Track Planning Software


Planning a layout & hit the dreaded modellers block? Struggling to come up with a design for your layouts track plan? If you’re at the planning stages of building a model railway & like using computers, then this track plan website contains a wealth of free track plans which should be of help. The website can be found here:


This website contains various categories of track plans so there should be something to suit most people. On the first page is plans listed to suit various layout size baseboards These being basic shapes such as ovals etc, to all various sizes from small 6×4 foot layouts right up to 12 foot plus, continuous runs, end to ends & modular designs.

It also includes a section on Hornby track plans covering most of the designs that Hornby have released over the many years it’s been publishing track plan books. So this section alone could save you money in not having to buy a Hornby track plan book!

There is a section that covers actual prototype track plans, these being the famous Settle – Carlisle line, Central Anglesey Railway, North Eastern & South Eastern regions as well as some overseas layouts.

An overview of different types of points is included which covers most of the popular type of point work found on layouts. It also covers some basic operations of train movements, which is helpful for when planning a layout. With the huge range of track plans shown, there should be something to inspire you to get building your own dream layout.


Happy modelling.


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