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From the Archives – Tornado Visit To The GCRN

First, up one from one of our team here at SMS, Iain has pulled some footage out of his archives he filmed last year at the GCRN railway on the south side of Nottingham. Here you’ll see A1 Tornado in action as it heads south down the line to Loughborough. A class 47 then hauls the train back to 50 Steps, where Tornado then hauls the consist back into Ruddington. Tornado is running with some preserved MK3 coaches, which we believe was part of some testing for future steam hauled tours using Mk3 coaches.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Really enjoyed watching the video, nothing like the sounds and smells of steam engines.

    • Iain

      Thank you. Not the best conditions for filming due to the rain & low lighting in parts.

      • Davith

        One of my favourite engines. I saw it on the GCR in 2008, while it was still in it’s grey undercoat.

        • Iain

          I got to see it on it’s first mainline run when it went into Green livery. Very cold snowy day if I remember rightly.

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