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Hattons – 0-4-0 ST 2069 ‘Little Barford’ (Cat no: H4-AB-006)

Hattons – 0-4-0 ST 2069 ‘Little Barford’ (Cat no: H4-AB-006)Score 90%Score 90%

A relatively new manufacture of ready to run models is the well known ‘Hattons’ model shop. Now as well as commissions with other manufacturers, Hattons are now producing their own bespoke range of exclusive models. The one feature in this article has just recently being released on to the market (time of writing 1st quarter 2018). The loco in question is the 0-4-0 Saddle Tank industrial steam loco.

Hattons are producing this loco in a total of 8 14″ versions and 4 16″ versions in various of liveries and including the liveries that would have of been available from Andrew Barclay themselves. Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. were a locomotive building company based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Offering a range of locos with options to suit the buyers needs with options such as alternative cabs, cylinders, chimneys, tanks etc. 14″ & 16″ refers to the size of diameter of the cylinders, hence twelve versions being offered by Hattons.

Various liveries on this model tooling include:

  • BR black
  • GWR
  • Caledonian lined blue
  • Lined green
  • Fina lined blue
  • NCB
  • Maroon
  • Various other industrial blue liveries


Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor
  • All wheel power pick ups
  • DCC ready with a 6 pin DCC decoder socket
  • NEM tension lock
  • Sprung buffers
  • Pre-fitted detailed parts
  • Bag of extra detail parts for the modeller to fit
  • RP25 wheel profile
  • Chemically blackened wheels
  • Fully detailed and painted cab interior

Manufacturers Part Nos:

  • H4-AB14-XXX
  • H4-AB16-XXX


  • H4-AB14-001
  • H4-AB14-002
  • H4-AB14-003
  • H4-AB14-004
  • H4-AB14-005
  • H4-AB14-006
  • H4-AB14-007
  • H4-AB14-008
  • H4-AB16-001
  • H4-AB16-002
  • H4-AB16-003
  • H4-AB16-004
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Summary All new super detailed industrial steam loco ideal for small layouts. Superb runner. DCC Ready with 6 pin decoder socket.

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