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Heljan Container Crane

In this video by DougTec, we take a look at the Heljan working container crane. Now sadly out of production & commanding a fair old price on the 2nd hand market. It allowed realistic loading & unloading of container trains & trucks, the video shows what came in the box & how it works. Our team member Iain was lucky enough to have a go on one of these a few years back, he says it didn’t take long to master the controls & was great fun to operate. 

Here’s the video…



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  1. PantoPete

    It’s a shame they don’t make them any more.
    I’ve got the Bachmann stationary one and I’d love an operational one.

    • Iain

      The likes of Faller have or is launching a working container crane. I’ll see if can find a video on it.

  2. upwellflyer

    Yes, fantastic when they are working, I’ve had one sitting on my dock scene for about eight or nine years now. It will run up and down the dock, the gantry moves back and forth but the cords that raise and lower the containers keep coming off the rollers rendering the complete thing useless. I and a friend spent weeks trying to correct it, I built the little jig to set it up as per the manual but without joy. If anyboby has
    any know-how on repairing these models please, please get in touch!
    I have a feeling that was due to problems like this that Heljan stopped production of such a good selling item

    • Iain

      I fully agree, a lot of issues i’ve heard of about these cranes over the years. Cracking crane when it’s working properly.

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