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Heljan IGA/IPE/IGE Bogie Flat Wagon

Heljan IGA/IPE/IGE Bogie Flat WagonScore 99%Score 99%

Heljan IGA/IPE/IGE Bogie Flat Wagon

Heljan the year after releasing the IWB cargo Vanwagon back, brought out the bogie flat wagon version. Heljan’s OO scale model of the IGA, IPE, IGE, bringing another welcome addition to the range of UK modern image freight wagon models. As seen on freight workings on both sides of the English Channel, is another essential wagon for the modern image modeller. 

The model features a detailed moulded body & load deck with fine printed details. The wheels are fine-scale profile wheelsets. The model has NEM coupling pocket sockets with removable small type NEM tension lock couplings.  Fine details include wire hooks, removable & moveable load stanchions that can be set to raised for carrying loads & set to laid flat for when running unladen or being loaded, unloaded. Other separate detailed parts include footsteps, ferry tie-down & handbrake wheels. Some releases of this model come with wagon loads, these being either a pipe or timber load.

Again like the IWB cargowagon van, this model has been in use on my layout, since the model was first released. It’s proven to be an excellent runner & makes for another great addition to your modern image wagon fleet. Some weathered versions have also been released as well.

Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Finely detailed parts
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Small NEM tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling box
  • Era 1979’s onwards
  • Weathered versions available
  • Liveries: Blue, Corus Rail, DB
  • Poseable & removable stanchions
  • With & without a wagon load

5100 upwards









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Summary Superb details and an excellent runner. One of the best modern image wagons on the market. A must-have wagon for any modern image freight train enthusiast. Highly recommend.

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