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Help My Download Won’t Open! – Download Help Guide: How to save & open your download kit files

Download Kit File Save & Open File Help Guide


The home computer printer is a very handy bit of kit to modellers & railway modellers. With the advent of what we call download kits, has brought almost instant delivery & access to model building kits via your computer. The beauty of download kits is that you print off as many times as you wish, say for example, platforms for your stations. Print off as many sheets as you need & glue on to card & build platforms as long you require, thus becomes a very cost effective medium of modelling. If you’ve never thought about using a standard home computer printer as part of your modelling tool kit, it really is well worth taking a look trying it out. Most printers these day’s give excellent results, so you don’t have to go for the most expensive printers. We’ll now move on to the focus of this article…

For this article we’ll look at one of the common questions we some times get asked either via the help desk or over the phone, with regards saving & opening download PDF files. The common question that gets asked is: Help! The download is halfway/partway through opening & it’s frozen or stuck? What can I do to resolve this?

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Make sure that Adobe Reader is fully up todate. You can download the latest free version of Adobe reader from the Adobe website which can be found here:

  • Refreshing the download so that it reloads & reopens again. The refresh arrow icon button is usually located on the web browser tool bar at the top of your screen.
  • Try using a different internet browser to the one you normally use.
  • The other option is the save to target method which we’ll cover below.



Let’s Get Started…

We start with the normal download method. So lets say we want the fire station kit. Browser the club shop & find the kit. Click on the blue add to cart button & the kit will added to your shopping cart.

Once you’ve added the kit to your cart, a blue bar will appear. Click on the button (arrowed in the photo right) & you’ll be taken to your shopping cart & check out.

You’ll be now taken to the basket/cart screen. Scroll down the page to where you’ll see the Proceed to Checkout button. Click on the button as arrowed in the second photo below right. You’ll then be taken to the checkout.

On the checkout screen, scroll down to the lower part of the page & click on place order button, highlighted with the orange arrow in the photo right.

You’ll now be taken to the Download Kit Delivery Page. Here you’ll see either one or two purple buttons, one for the download kit & the other for the instructions sheet. Please not that some download kits have the instructions supplied within the download kit so only one purple button will appear. In our case here with the Fire Station being a bigger kit, it has two downloads with second download being the instructions sheet. As shown in the photo right.

At this point you have two options in how to download & open the file. 


Click on the (highlighted by the orange arrow) purple button.

A new screen will appear & a coloured download progress bar will start to appear and move across the top of the page. Once it reaches the far right of the screen the download kit will then open & appear on screen. Let it download fully before scrolling down the page to see each page of the kit, as sometimes on certain computers it can cause the screen to lock up for some reason.

The download will now appear on screen. You can now proceed & print off the kit by clicking the printer icon.

Option Two

On the Purple kit delivery button (highlighted with the orange arrow) right click on it & a drop down menu box appears.

Click on ‘Save Link As…’ in the drop down menu. This will save the download kit on your computer rather than just relying on the link to download every time you wish to open & print the kit off.

The next screen that will open will look similar to the one shown in the image right. Select which file/folder on the left of the screen where you want to save the download kit file. Once you’ve open the file/folder location you wish to save the file, click on the save button on the lower right corner of the screen.

The download kit will now save as PDF file in your chosen file/folder, as shown in the image right.

With the download kit file saved as PDF on your computer, right click on the PDF download file icon. A drop down menu appears. Select ‘Open’ to open the file. 

The download kit file will then open in another window. Click on the print icon symbol (arrowed) & then print off the kit as normal. 

Enjoy the kit build.

Happy modelling.

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