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Help Request for Layout Lighting

Help Request for Layout Lighting

I hope that someone out there with experience of lighting set ups on model railway layouts would be able to assist me with a query.

I have purchased a LIGHT HUB By Woodland Scenics – Code: WJP5701 to power the lights on my layout but am unable to get these lights to work through this hub.

Please can you advise whether this light hub should work with these lights which have the following specifications (pics of both the light hub & lights are attached):-

– Operating Voltage: 3V, AC or DC Compatible.
– Operating Current: 20mA.

I have been told that I may need to use resistors as the volt supply from the Light Hub could be too high, any help you are able to provide would be gratefully appreciated. I have no experience of using resistors and which or how any resistots may need to be used.

Thank you in anticipation of any assistance that anyone is able to offer.

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  1. Holls

    If the unit has a 3v output, you aren’t going to need ‘dropper’ resistors in the circuits. Silly question, but are the dimmers turn up?

    • Holls

      Another thought, are the lights LEDs or filament (light bulbs)?
      If they are 12 volt filaments (and especially if you are wiring 2 or more in series), the 3V unit will not have a large enough output to operate them.
      If the lights are LEDs, they are polarity conscious and need to be wired correctly. If the polarity is cross-connected, they will not light.
      How many are you hoping to wire, and in what configuration (series or parallel. GOOGLE Series and Parallel connection)?
      Assuming that your wiring is as I’ve tried to describe, then either the wall power supply or the unit itself may be knackered.

  2. Harry

    Thank goodness – a discussion about electrical issues.

    I am about to venture into LED installation, All attempts thus far have been a dismal failure.

    I was thinking of using 4.5 volt stand alone battery packs to light up 4 (single LEDS) fuel bowers. No luck. All the literature on types of resistors is quite confusing for me a Luddite.

    Should I use a transformer. If so, What voltage should I use. 4 through to 12 volts.

    Many thanks in anticipation. Harry

    Has anyone a suggestion where I might go to get wiring diagrams and advice please.

    • Holls

      Hi Harry,

      LEDs are a great way of lighting model buildings, street and platform lights and a plethora of other uses. Thankfully today there are many suppliers of what I would call complete items, one that I have used previously is Kytes Lights. Their range is good, and the lights usually come with resistors pre-fitted meaning that you only need to connect them to a power source.
      Actual wiring can be as simple or complicated as your project requires, from a simple switch through to sequencers and dimmers.
      Above is a basic explanation of what LEDs are all about, but their use is really only limited by your preferences and imagination.
      Like many other modellers, I am more than happy to shed light (sorry for the bad pun) on aspects of our hobby that some find confusing. The more information you can offer on a specific project, the more guidance can be offered.
      The “Just Plug” system that Paul has opted for is a simpler introduction into LED lighting, but unfortunately isn’t the cheapest option. That said, once you start in immerse yourself into the field of model electronics, you will quickly get to grips with its fairly straightforward principles.

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