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Hornby class 56 strip down and service

In our third video this weekend, we join Kevin down in Cornwall to pay a visit to the Penwithers locomotive work repair shop. A Hornby class 56 which has just joined the Penwithers fleet is suffering with lubricating greese that has set solid. This has prevented one of the bogie gear towers from working properly. Only one thing for it is to conduct a full strip down, clean & service the loco. See how Kevin gets on it getting his class 56 up & running. One of our team members, Iain has had the same issue with some locos that haven’t been run for a good few years. He says as Kevinshows in the video, the common cause is the original factory grease lube drying out & setting solid. The best way is to remove & clean all the grease out & lubricate as Kevin shows, with model lubricating oil the worm drive & the end bearing. This usually cures the problem. Here’s the video…

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