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Hornby Evening Star R3072M 2-10-0

Hornby Evening Star R3072M 2-10-0Score 75%Score 75%

Hornby Evening Star R3072M 2-10-0

This version of the BR class 9f by Hornby is from the 1999 tooling. The previous tooled versions being released in 1971 to 1988, & 1988 to 1999. A later version for the Hornby Railroad range dates from 2008 onwards.

The 1999 version which is the feature of this article has an improved chassis over the 71-88 version. Blackened metal work, glazing, wire handrails. The motor is located in the tender & is a Ringfield type motor. The model isn’t DCC ready so if converting to DCC would mean having to hard wire it. The main driving wheels on the loco which are un-powered but have power pick ups feeding power back to the motor into the tender via the tender to loco coupling.

The model featured in this article was released by Hornby for retail outlet Argos in 2011. It’s one on a special edition run of 1000 models from the ‘Legends’ series.

Key Features:

  • 3-pole Ringfield motor
  • Power pick ups on main loco driving wheels
  • Blackened wheels & metal work
  • Tension lock couplings
  • Wire handrails
  • Glazed cab windows
  • Metal chassis

Model featured in this article:

  • R3072M (for Argos Catalogue)


9F model releases 1999 tooling:

  • R2139
  • R2244
  • R2105A
  • R2200A
  • R2105B
  • R2200
  • R2105D
  • R2105C
  • R2137
  • R2187
  • R3072M
  • R1052
  • R2248

Photo’s kindly provided by Jaike Annetts

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Summary Model eclipsed by Bachmann but reasonable model for it's age.

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