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Hornby GWR/BR Siphon H

Hornby GWR/BR Siphon HScore 34%Score 34%

Another Hornby model using ex-Mainline/Airfix tooling. Model features basic detailing & printed details. This is a GWR built van with end doors, built from around 1919 onwards, Designed for carrying milk, but also used as scenery vans & transporting motor cars. Dapol tooling with Hornby acquiring the tooling in 1996 & entered in the Hornby range around 1998.  The model features finescale wheels as well as detachable couplings (Not NEM type).

Key Features:


  • Removeable couplings
  • Finescale wheels
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Basic printed details
  • Bogie van
  • Liveries: BR maroon
  • Era: 1920’s – 1970’s
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Model number range

R6054 – R6539

List Of Model Numbers

  • R6054
  • R6054A
  • R6539

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Summary Old tooling with basic details.

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