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Hornby R2795M The Red Dragon Train Pack

Hornby R2795M The Red Dragon Train PackScore 85%Score 85%

R2795M The Red Dragon Train Pack

This version of the Collett designed 4-6-0 Castle Class was released by Hornby in 1997 onwards using ex Airfix/Dapol tooling. The tooling was updated & an all new super detailed version released in 2010 onwards. The Castle Class numbered around 166 locos & was a development of the Churchward’s Star Class.

The model featured in this article was originally introduced by Airfix but soon after the tooling was taken over by Palitoy & eventually Dapol. Hornby then acquired the tooling from Dapol & released into the Hornby range from 1997 onwards.

The model has been offered with Hawksworth flat sided tender as well as Collett’s step sided tender. When first released the model came with a three pole motor but this was upgraded in 2007. The model became DCC ready back in 2005 with a 8 pin DCC decoder socket fitted.

Some models also feature a double chimney & some came with a named headboard. Some DCC fitted (DCC decoder factory fitted) versions have also been released.

The model has also found appeal with younger folk due to the Harry Potter films. A number of Harry Potter sets feature Harry Potter themed packaging. Hornby also released some with gold plating on in special presentation boxes. Some versions feature a front headlight.

Key Features:

  • 3-pole motor early releases
  • 5-pole skew wound motor 2007 onwards
  • DCC ready 2005 on wards
  • DCC fitted – Some versions 2005 onwards
  • Power pick ups on main loco driving wheels
  • Blackened wheels & metal work
  • Tension lock couplings
  • Wire handrails
  • Glazed cab windows
  • Metal chassis
  • Various liveries:GWR, BR, Harry Potter

Model featured in this article:

  • R2795M (For Mail Order Catalogues)


G.W.R. Castle Class model releases 1997 tooling:

  • R2232
  • R1160
  • R2317
  • R2389
  • R1077
  • R1077A
  • R2600M – Train pack
  • R2600M – Loco only
  • R1124
  • R3071M -Argos
  • R2196M – Train pack
  • R2196 – Loco only
  • R5973 – Mail order set
  • R2088
  • R2024 – Train pack
  • R2086
  • R2090 – Train pack
  • R2090 – Loco only
  • R2133M – Train pack
  • R2133 – Loco only
  • R2141
  • R2455
  • R2498
  • R2543
  • R2551
  • R2280
  • R2318
  • R2364M – Train pack
  • R2364
  • R2372M
  • R2372 – Loco only
  • R2424
  • R2432 – Train set
  • R2432 – loco only
  • R2736
  • R2700 – Train pack
  • R2700 – Loco only
  • R2795M – Train pack ( Feature of this article )


Harry Potter

  • R2284
  • R2337
  • R2378
  • R2491
  • R2662
  • R2885
  • R2301
  • R3082
  • R1025

Photo’s kindly provided by Jaike Annetts

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Summary Model tooling has now been replaced in 2010. Good runner with later versions having an improved motor including DCC fitted / DCC ready versions. Early versions not DCC ready.

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