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Hornby R3012 A4 Merlin with Slipstream tender

Hornby R3012 A4 Merlin with Slipstream tenderScore 90%Score 90%

Hornby R3012 A4 Merlin with Slipstream tender

At the time of writing this is Hornby’s current ultimate super detailed model. The tooling dates back to 2004 & has features such as 5 pole skew wound motor, DCC decoder socket, motor in the loco with power pickups on twelve wheels giving superb smooth running. Hornby have done a good job on capturing the complex shape of the A4’s front curves. The model has a wealth of other details.

In other review tests report that this model will haul ten coaches with ease & will run through through curves as tight as second radius.

Hornby offer the A4 with single & double chimneys, pre-war side valances & various different style of tenders as well. Hornby have also done a gloss finish which was included in the Gresley collection.

Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor
  • Power pick ups 12 wheels
  • NEM sockets & removable tension lock couplings
  • Flush glazing
  • Wire handrails
  • Fixed rear pony truck under the cab with flanged & flangless wheelset supplied
  • Metal chassis
  • Sprung buffers
  • detailed cab / footplate
  • close coupled tender
  • Bag of extra detailed parts supplied for fitting by the modeller
  • Singe & double chimney variants
  • Different style tenders
  • Removable coal load
  • Fine scale wheels
  • 8 pin DCC socket
  • Some supplied with DCC decoder fitted & some with DCC sound fitted

Photo below showing different tender types used with the A4’s

Model featured in this article:

  • R3012


A4 model releases 2004 tooling:

  • R2965
  • R2445
  • R2373
  • R3306
  • R3307
  • R3308
  • R3309
  • R3131
  • R3199
  • R3254
  • R2805XS
  • R2339
  • R2973M
  • R3196
  • R3251
  • R2684
  • R3197
  • R3252
  • R2888M
  • R3095
  • R2688
  • R3402
  • R2338
  • R2338
  • R2798
  • R3201
  • R3256
  • R2991XS
  • R3320
  • R2906
  • R2435
  • R2826
  • R2494
  • R2615
  • R1064
  • R2896XS
  • R3200
  • R3255
  • R2909
  • R3198
  • R3253
  • R2910
  • R3008
  • R2825
  • R2721
  • R3103
  • R2794M
  • R3012
  • R2535
  • R2340

Photo’s kindly provided by Jaike Annetts

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Summary A superb model of the A4.

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