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Hornby R3550 Peckett ‘Lilleshall Co’ No:833

Hornby R3550 Peckett ‘Lilleshall Co’ No:833Score 95%Score 95%

Hornby R3550 Peckett W4 0-4-0 ST

Hornby recently released an all-new model of the much requested Peckett W4 o-4-0 ST steam loco. This model is ideal for small layouts, industrial steam era layouts or even layouts based on preserved railways. This model features a wealth of detail & comes as DCC ready. You’ll need the Hornby X9659 four pin DCC decoder to convert this model to DCC which retails around the £12 mark. Price wise expect to pay around £82 to £100 mark for this model.

Peckett models are decorated to a high standard, this one being no exception. The model has a 5 pole skew wound motor driving both axles & also features all-wheel pickups. The model has fine-scale profile wheels & depending on which Hornby Peckett model, features blackened or painted spokes. On the coupling side of things, the model has small type tension lock couplings that are removablefrom the NEM coupling pockets.

The cab is beautifully detailed inside & is fully decorated inside too. Other details include external separate handrails& pipework runs, lamp irons & brass work. The model is suitable for running on curves as tight as first radius.

Five versions are currently available in the Hornby Peckett range with a sixth one coming shortly which features a 3 pack wagon pack.


Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor
  • All wheel pick up
  • Fine details & parts
  • NEM  small type tension lock couplings
  • Wire handrails
  • Glazed cab windows
  • Metal chassis
  • DCC ready (4 pin decoder socket)
  • Needs Hornby X9659 DCC 4 pin decoder.

Model featured in this article:



A4 Silver Collection 2015 tooling:







Photo’s kindly provided by Jaike Annetts

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Summary Superb model ideal for small layouts.

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