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Hornby Railroad LWB Van – OO Scale

Hornby Railroad LWB Van – OO ScaleScore 40%Score 40%

One of Hornby’s basic models which is a freelance design which dates way back to 1974. Was designed to have fairly plain sides to take a variety of printed liveries. Commonly found in Hornby’s Trainsets & now also in the Hornby Railroad Range. Some versions have plastic wheelsets. This model is aimed at the budget end of the market & is a common sight on the second-hand market. Large choice of liveries to choose from, including famous brands like Coca-Cola, Heinz, Cadburys etc.

Key Features:


  • Large tension lock couplers
  • Budget model
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Liveries: Fictitious, BR, Well known company brands like Coca-Cola etc.
  • Metal wheelsets (some versions have plastic wheelsets)
  • Era: 1920’s – onwards
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from R008 to R6474


  • R217
  • R056
  • R109
  • R321
  • R021
  • R134
  • R183
  • R222 – Three versions
  • R137
  • R727
  • R1179
  • R145
  • R6474
  • R138
  • R317
  • R1174
  • R1172
  • R896
  • R121
  • R008
  • Four other versions produced but no cat number available

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Summary Old 45-year-old tooling. Basic model aimed fairly at the budget end of the market. Plenty available at bargain prices on the 2nd hand market. Lots of Colourful liveries to choose from.

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